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Insurance companies and employers are legally entitled to schedule you for an independent medical exam..... More Info


What is the purpose of an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?
The purpose is to evaluate the injury/illness and the related issues for an unbiased opinion, to facilitate treatment of the individual. The opinion is unbiased because we do not treat the individual, and are not employed by the company ordering the exam. Possible questions may include:

-Is there anything else that should be done to confirm your diagnosis or to determine further treatment?
-Can you return to the same type of work you were doing before your injury/illness?
-Do you have any permanent impairment from your injury/illness?

When does an IME occur?
An IME can occur at any time during recovery. It may take place soon after your injury/illness, A few weeks or months into recovery, or after you have returned to work. An IME to determine permanent impairment is usually done when your injury/illness has stabilized and you have reached maximum medical recovery.

How can a doctor who has never seen me examine me once and know what my physical condition is?
Independent Medical Examiners are trained to look at all of the medical information on an individual, conduct a physical examination which provides objective (measureable) clinical information (e.g. range of motion), and apply their clinical judgment to the questions asked. The Independent Medical Examiner has no personal interest in the outcome of the examination or in recommending additional testing, suggesting further treatment or indicating level of work ability. Therefore, any recommendations for treatment are unbiased and solely for the recovery of the individual.

What should I bring to the examination?
You may be asked to bring recent x-rays reports, scan reports and current medication lists. It is important to bring or wear loose fitting clothing appropriate for the examination such as shorts or tank top. Most physicians will allow a relative to accompany you during the exam.

How do I schedule an exam?
We only work through 3rd party providers, so your company, your insurance, your lawyer or any third party entity may schedule an exam.

When can I expect the report?
The report is always sent to the party who ordered the exam. So, if you did not order the exam, Please consult the party who did, to obtain a copy. If you are scheduling the exam and need the report by a certain date, please advise us and we will work to accommodate your request.

What physicians do you have on your panel and where do they see patients?
We have many physicians from a wide selection of specialties. Additionally, many of our physicians travel to our different office locations. Please select the link to view our physician panel and the locations.

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